Artist Profile

Guillermo Martín-Viana (1995) is a Spanish drummer and visual artist based in The Hague (NL).

Highly versatile, his musical career has taken him through stages around the world (South Korea, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Belgium), playing styles such as Hard Bop, Cumbia, Electroacoustic Music, Jazz, Klezmer, Free, Ska or Thrash Metal.

His music is filled with a love for the instrument, an instant ability for sonic and spatial composition, and a deep and joyful groove. He is currently an online teacher at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory.

Besides his musical achievements, Guillermo is also an active painter, graphic designer and multimedia artist. He is known for combining his music career with his visual art projects, creating performances that show both sides of him.

His latest works are based on the development of generative visuals in TouchDesigner with different forms of interaction and reactivity to sensors.

His focus is on creating “instruments” and interfaces that will be controlled live, enabling organic performances with a greater degree of improvisation and reaction.

Some of these works are “PARARSE” (intervention of absolute cinema shorts with live visuals, lights, electronics and drums) and “Touchy Chother Ensemble” (participatory online audiovisual ensemble with visuals and electronics generated live through online interaction with smartphones) with his duo 1LL0~, and a whole set of reactive visuals for the live performance of the post-jazz band NAUSYQA.

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